About Montage

Montage has been producing 3D architectural visualisations including images and animations for the property sector for over a decade. Over the years, our staff have been recruited from the Games, Interactive and Graphic Design sectors as well as from the Architectural sector, providing Montage with a wealth of experience.

Since the advent of the Architectural CGI market, we have followed the evolution of 3D software. Initially using the first generation programs that ran on the pre-windows platform, MS-DOS, a continual process of updates ensured that we kept in line with the industry. Unlike so-called bespoke ‘cutting edge’ software, keeping to the current standard enables quicker and smoother communication between different members of the project.

With the development of faster technology and more robust ways to transfer and share information, Architectural CGIs can be produced for architects as a cost effective design development tool, enabling exploration of endless ‘what if’ scenarios.

As well as producing computer generated images, there has been an increase in demand for us to provide Verified Views, Verified View Montages (VVM) and Accurate View Representations (AVR); images that are accurate enough to be used as evidence in a court of law for sensitive planning issues.

Having worked on hundreds of schemes, we have found that communication is a key element to the success of a project. A constant process of collaboration with the design team provides the ability for updates, amendments and new ideas to be implemented at the earlier stages of a project. This also enables for problems to be identified, discussed and rectified early enough to help ensure that images and animations are produced on time and within budget.

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