Verified Views

Verified Views, also known as Verified View Montages (VVM) and Accurate View Representations (AVR), are the most accurate of all the methods for producing planning images. All data used to construct the image must be meticulously recorded so that if needs be, it can be used as evidence in a court of law. This method is often used to help resolve sensitive planning issues in built up areas.

For this method, a survey team using GPRS equipment can reference the camera location in a similar way to the O/S images. However, rather than using the old O/S grid, it now uses the new digital O/S grid, giving incredibly accurate information.

To further increase the accuracy, a laser is fired from the camera tripod at certain visual points that will be seen in the photo. These points can be items such as the corner of a window, top of a lamppost or even the corner of a road marking. For every point, X, Y and Z coordinates are provided, again all recorded and referenced back to the digital O/S grid. By placing a ball in the model to represent each of these points and having the relevant photograph as the background image in the computer model, the camera alignment within the model is greatly improved.

For more information on Verified Views and for a more detailed description of the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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