Ordnance Survey Images

For Ordnance Survey images, information is recorded by the photographer such as camera lens focal length and camera height as well as the camera’s location referenced to a point that can be located on an O/S map e.g. a corner of a building. For greater accuracy, a survey team can be employed to reference the camera back to an existing Ordnance Bench Mark (OBM).

All O/S maps are available in digital format and can be imported into the modelling software. This means that a virtual camera can be placed within the 3D model at the location recorded by the photographer.

This method was previously the most accurate and readily accepted method of producing images for planning. Although Planning Departments still accept these images as part of an application, they are no longer deemed to be ‘totally accurate’ due to the growing movement and inaccuracies of the traditional O/S grid.

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